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Axis Sound began in 2001 in a small apartment in midtown, moved in 2002 to a commercial loft space in west midtown for 8 busy years before happily coming to rest at it's current location in a Victorian house in upper Manhattan. Axis Sound
is a full-service studio in a relaxing, comfortable home-based setting. We provide recording, editing, mixing and mastering services, as well as music production, arranging and composition. We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve the sound they are looking for - not the sound we think they should be looking for - to the highest degree of quality, at rates that musicians can afford.

The studio provides a "best of all worlds" hybrid between state-of-the-art digital, and classic and vintage analog. Based around a Pro Tools HD2 rig with 24 channels of Apogee & Avid converters, hundreds of legal plugins and a 32 channel Soundcraft Ghost console, we can handle live band and drum tracking sessions with ease. Additional rooms are available to provide isolation for amps, drums and vocalists, when required. The studio is also home to a variety of vintage guitars, keyboards, drums, amps and outboard gear, including a Hammond M3 organ with Leslie speaker, a Wurlitzer upright piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, and two vintage spring reverbs.

Below is a "collage" of some of the projects recorded at Axis Sound. For more detailed information, click on the Credits link at left. For sonic samples, click on the Listen link at left.